Consumer Insights for Investors and Companies

Consumer data solutions for everyone from public and private investors to corporate decision makers and strategists

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Our product suite is designed for a variety of end-users, offering a broad array of data driven solutions from written reports and templates to visualization dashboards and machine-readable feeds. With our unique metadata, representative data panels and industry-leading speed and coverage, CE is uniquely positioned to answer your most complex consumer spending questions.

About Us

Consumer Edge (CE) is a preeminent data insights company targeting the global consumer. Since its founding in 2009 CE has focused on the nexus of data, research, and technology to fuel the discovery of consumer insights. We continue this focus today, delivering next-generation data tools designed to answer complex questions on consumer behavior.

More than 50000 brands   in our data coverage

More than 3000 Terabytes  data analyzed per month

More than 10 Years  delivering consumer insights to clients